Steven Tinkler

Magnum Photos

"Magnum is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to transcribe it visually"

- Henri Cartier-Bresson

Magnum Photos represents some of the world’s most renowned photographers, maintaining its founding ideals and idiosyncratic mix of journalist, artist and storyteller. The photographers share a vision to chronicle world events, people, places and culture with a powerful narrative that defies convention, shatters the status quo, redefines history and transforms lives.

The new logo maintains the recognisable square format of the old magnum logo, whilst developing a powerful mark which has potential for adaptability across multiple uses.

The new logo can be expanded to house imagery from the magnum archive. This framework can be used in layout and portrait executions.

Art direction borrows from the aesthetic of a contact sheet of film images.

Art direction borrows from the aesthetic of a contact sheet of film images. The Magnum Photos typography strip acts as a marker along the reel of images, which can move horizontally to highlight different ones.

Founders Grotesk is chosen for its Journalistic connotations of old newspaper headlines, positioning Magnum as an established photojournalism agency whilst also feeling clean, modern and brave.

Brand colours & hierarchy 

A camera shutter mechanic is used in motion to display a series of images by Magnum photographers.

Using Format